Investment Management

At Wealthjar, we use our 30 years of dedicated market experience to craft diversified, cost efficient portfolios for our clients.

Secure, Low-Cost Trades

We have chosen to work with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. as the primary custodian for our client’s accounts because they are a leading provider of low-cost trades and provide:

  • The Schwab Security Guarantee, so you can feel confident your personal and financial information is protected.
  • SchwabSafe®, a collection of security measures designed to keep your personal and financial information safe online.
Optimized Asset Allocation

Our analysts enlist the use of globally traded Exchange Traded Funds to deliver clients cost-efficient exposure to multiple market sectors. We analyze factors such as your risk tolerance, risk capacity, and unique time horizon, to ensure your portfolio’s asset allocation aligns with your investment goals.

Free rebalancing

Every portfolio has a target asset allocation—a combination of stocks, bonds, commodities and cash determined by your stated goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. Over time, however, contributions and withdrawals may cause your portfolio to stray from its original target and become unbalanced. That’s when we will step in to rebalance, i.e., buy or sell assets to restore your account to its original target range.

Tax loss harvesting

If you have a non-retirement account with $50,000 or more in assets and opt-in to our tax-loss harvesting feature, Wealthjar can track your account daily for opportunities to offset capital gains by strategically realizing losses, allowing you to pay the lowest tax possible.

24/7 account access

Wealthjar provides total mobility and control so you can easily view your portfolio anytime via mobile device or online client portal.  You can also make deposits and withdrawals to your account at anytime without incurring additional fees.

Complimentary Financial Planning

Setting up savings to grow into healthy investments is a great start but most savvy savers also want practical strategies to meet their life goals.

Wealthjar offers the services of a dedicated financial advisor who can help identify your goals, analyze the components then design a Financial Plan tailored to meet your milestones. Risks and opportunities will be clearly identified to ensure a smooth ride along the way.

A well-organized financial plan is especially important for those in the accumulation phase who want to track and maximize their investment journey.