Project Description

Wealthjar is driven by an innovative, tech-based platform but that doesn’t mean an algorithm is building your portfolios and choosing your securities. Our qualified portfolio managers work with you to build and customize your investments from start to finish. In the end, we have the final say (not a robot) in designing a fully individualized portfolio that fits your unique needs and time horizon.

With over three decades of investment management under our belt, Wealthjar is able to give our clients the convenience of a tech-based investing, and the peace of mind that goes with knowing an experienced, Hawaii-based team is managing your investments.

We also have the deep resources of our parent company, The Rice Partnership, with offices on Oahu and Maui to provide global or specialized support, should the need arise.

Advantages of using technology

When you’re just starting out, investing in stocks and bonds can be overwhelming and intimidating. Adding technology to the mix may seem to make matters more confusing. But the simple truth is that technology is there to make things simpler.

From automated rebalancing to tax loss harvesting, we use the latest technology to keep costs down, so we can spend more time getting to know your unique needs and time horizon. Our goal is to design a diverse portfolio expressly for you for the long term while making your money work its hardest for you.

Developing your Long Game

Investing with us here at Wealthjar helps you gear up for the things that matter to you, whether it’s retirement, a mini-retirement, your dream house, an entrepreneurial project, or college fund. We can help you develop and stick to the strategy you need to get there. Developing your long game, means not being tripped up by short-term losses or swings in the market.

The unfortunate truth is that most DIY investors let their emotions get the best of them and try to time the market during major economic events. History has shown that this is an inefficient (losing) strategy and that most investors would have done better if they had just left their money where it was.

At Wealthjar, our goal is to work with you to develop a customized game plan so you can stick it out and reap the long-term rewards.

Managing your risk

Your risk tolerance depends on your own personal time horizon and savings goals. By asking questions via our online questionnaire, we are able to get a clear picture of your tolerance for risk, as well as your capacity for volatility.

While technology helps us to learn more about each client’s investment temperament, our experienced investment professionals act as the guiding light to ultimately develop the proper strategy for individual needs. This is how we efficiently meet and exceed our fiduciary obligation to each of our clients.

Wealthjar’s portfolios are diversified with carefully chosen ETFs expertly crafted to meet different levels of risk tolerance and risk adversity. This means that we are able to meet each client’s unique needs while staying true to our philosophy of steady, long-term growth.

Putting your money to work

You work hard for your money, and your money should work hard for you. This is the essential philosophy behind investing at Wealthjar. By investing in a diversified portfolio of securities, you preserve the purchasing power of each dollar better than if you were to put your cash away in a savings account. With interest rates hovering at about one percent, you are also be able to make your money work harder, potentially realizing a greater return on your investment.

Being able to make deposits into your Wealthjar account anywhere, anytime makes growing your wealth easier than ever before. It also means that your money can start working for you sooner than you think.