Bridging the gap between the accumulation phase and the preservation phase.

An investment advisor is within your reach.

Money touches every part of our lives. Unfortunately, our education system doesn’t teach us how to be good investors and most advisors cater exclusively to high-net worth clients. But where does that leave those of us still accumulating wealth?

Wealthjar is here to help.

We believe that knowledge is power.

That’s why we strive to educate our clients on the power of investing early and often. Your investment account is like a high-powered savings plan that puts your hard earned dollars to work, everyday.

We believe great financial advice should be accessible.

That’s why we offer our multimillion-dollar portfolio expertise to clients who would not otherwise qualify for our services. Cutting edge technology makes it possible.

Wealthjar is a S.E.C. registered investment advisory firm dedicated to bringing our multimillion-dollar portfolio management expertise to the everyday investor.

Our goal is to help our clients be good stewards of their capital through suitable investments determined by our client’s investment objectives.